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Flying in the sky .... How Birds fly ?

Each member of the animal kingdom has different abilities. Some may live under water, some may swing from the branches of huge trees, some may fly in the sky. One of the most interesting senses for humans is the ability of birds to fly in the sky.

We live on land. If you want, you can swim in the water and stay afloat without any device. But naturally we do not have the ability to roam in the sky. That is, naturally we are limited to water and land. But the sky is the limit for birds.

We can't fly in the sky, one reason is definitely wings. But that is not the only reason. Can we fly like a bird even if we suddenly grow wings? Let us first see how birds fly.

Flying Birds
Flying Birds

Every part of a bird's body is related to flight in some way. So it can be seen that almost all parts of birds are specially made. Compared to mammals, their hearts are quite large and powerful.The flight muscles need this extra energy to function properly. On the other hand, because the chest bone is large, it can have more flight muscles or muscles useful for flying. Not only that, bird bones are also quite hollow and light. A blessing for this light and light weight bone bird. Due to this, the flow of oxygen in the bird's body is good. At the same time, bird bones are strong enough to withstand the shock of flight. Interestingly, the bird's bones are so light that its skeleton weighs less than all its feathers.

Bird feathers are made of a bio-chemical called keratin. According to scientists, bird feathers gradually evolved from dinosaurs. Each fiber of the feather is connected to each other by a thin membrane. As a result, these feathers can trap air. Birds can push the wind backwards by flapping their wings. So a bird can fly across the sky without studying aerodynamics.

About 10 thousand species of birds are found in the world. The size of these birds can range from about seven centimeters to 1.8 meters. Just as there is variation in size, there is also a wide variation in flight technique between species.

Small birds need to flap their wings more than 40 times per second to fly. Again, long-winged birds like chil or eagle can float in the sky without flapping their wings due to 'low gliding'.

Studies have shown that even small-winged birds can float with short pauses between wing beats. Their heart rate drops by half while floating. According to experts, the amount of energy a bird spends at home is about the same amount of energy it spends while gliding i.e. floating idly in the air.

You understand, not only the fan for the flight of the bird, but many other things are involved with it. Even if we grew wings, we could not fly for bones. As mammals, human bones are rich in marrow. The weight is also very high.

Although humans do not naturally have the ability to fly, they have intelligence. Humans have long ago learned to roam in the sky using this intelligence. People have flown in the sky with the help of hot air balloons, airplanes, parachutes, wingsuits, gliding wings and other devices, and are still flying today. And with a rocket, he crossed the borders of the world and set foot on the moon.

However, we all dream of wings to fly when we want.

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