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Boiling Water River: As Much Information Is Unknown

The river on hearing this one word, the image that floats in front of the eyes is a calm and cool stream, with waves forming in the gentle breeze.We are used to thinking of river water as cold. But have you ever heard of a river of boiling water? A river in which anything alive would boil? Yes, unbelievable but true, the world's only boiling water river is located in the world's largest rain forest, the Amazon. Whether you know this river by the name “Shanay-Timpishka” or “La-Bomba”, this tributary of or “La-Bomba”, this tributary of the 2nd longest river in the world “Amazon”  is so hot that it can melt or even kill anything that falls into it! 6.4 km bordering the Peruvian territory of the Amazon rain forest. This long river was first discovered by Andres Ruzo. Andres is a geo-thermal scientist by profession. As a child, Andres heard stories of such a hot river from his Peruvian grandfather, and when he grew up to become a geo-physicist, he decided to check if the stories he heard as a child were true. This hot water river is located in the lowland jungle of the central Peruvian Amazon. The normal temperature of the river is 120-200 degrees Fahrenheit and in some places it reaches a depth of 16 feet. The water in the river is so hot, even if you step on the clay of the river bank, it can cause third degree burns to your skin in less than a second.

Boiling Water River: Amazon
Boiling Water River: Amazon

But why is the river hot?

What are you thinking? Is the river boiling because of a nearby volcano? Scientists thought so at first. Such hot lakes are usually found in the vicinity of active volcanoes. But, surprisingly, the nearest active volcano to this river is also 400 miles away. And no underground magma has been found in the Amazon jungle either. Scientists have analysed the water chemistry of this river and found that this chemical present in the water is not the source of this heat. This water is like normal rain water. 

So why is this river water heated?

Being located in the equatorial region, scientists had the first idea- is the water of the river so heated by the heat of the sun? But in a more detailed analysis, they found that the Earth's geothermal energy or geothermal energy was responsible, not the sun. If we compare the earth to a human body, the earth's fault lines, cracks in the tectonic plates, can be considered as arteries. These veins or cracks are usually filled with hot water. And when this stream of hot water flows over the earth's surface, we see it as a natural wonder; Like this boiling river. 

According to Andres, the geologist who discovered the river, he thinks that the source of the boiling water of the river is not in the Amazon, but it is the expression of water flowing through underground fissures from somewhere further away. It gives us a clue to the huge energy reserves inside the earth !

Surprisingly, even in this boiling water, Andres and his fellow biologists have found some new micro-species that are able to survive in these extreme temperatures. Dead bodies of many other reptiles and amphibians are often found floating in the river.

As these animals fall into the boiling water, they can no longer swim, so the hot water enters the body through the mouth and the animal continues to boil inside and out until it dies. 

But still people swim in this river; Especially the indigenous people living in the Amazon. But not always, when the water temperature of the river decreases after heavy rain mixed with rainwater. They use this water for drinking, cooking and other purposes. There are various superstitions about this river among the local tribals. There are also several oil and gas fields around the river, due to which scientists fear a negative impact on the river and its biodiversity. According to them, everyone concerned needs to be aware now for proper conservation of this only boiling water river in the world. 

Andres Rujo has already planned to undertake the “Boiling River Project” to maintain the river and its ecosystem.

The purpose of this project is to protect the biodiversity of the region by stopping the indiscriminate cutting of trees, burning of forest land by the local tribals and oil and gas companies and highlight the significance of the region.

This world is a wonderful place, with much more abundance left behind our eyes! That is why the famous journalist and writer Mark Twain said – “Twenty years from now you will be disappointed that you did not do what you could have done. So leave the safe house and go out. Journey to discover, dream and finally discover.”

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