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Top Ten incredible intelligence agencies in the world

Intelligence agencies or intelligence agencies have been created for the purpose of carrying out the secret functions of the governments of different countries around the world. The task of the intelligence agency is to collect, research and keep the information necessary for the security of the country. Whether it is called intelligence agency, spy agency, secret agency, etc., their work is roughly the same. That is, keeping an eye on the security of the country.

Top Ten incredible intelligence agencies in the world
Famous intelligence agencies
Among them, some organisations focus on international security, while others are associated with internal security. So their activities are kept secret for security reasons. When the job is confidential, how can you measure which one is the best among them? How do you know what it's like inside the world's best secret agencies that have become legends? However, there is no lack of effort to know about their inner world. Among them, let's look at those whose names are relatively more famous.


Australia's ASIS (ASIS) is the Australian government intelligence agency responsible for intelligence gathering, counterintelligence operations and support work with foreign intelligence agencies.

Established on 13 May 1952. Head office in Canberra. This organisation was secret for 20 years and even the Australian government did not know about this agency. Its main task is intelligence gathering in Asia and the Pacific region.

BND-Germany's Foreign Intelligence Agency:

The name of Germany's foreign intelligence agency is Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND in German. Federal Intelligence Service in English. The organization is directly controlled by the German Chancellor's office and is accountable to the Chancellor. It is one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in Europe.

BND was established on 1 April 1956. The organization was built under the leadership of Major General Reinharder. Initially it worked as an affiliate of the US intelligence agency CIA.

This company is ready to face any challenge in Germany and the world. BND collects intelligence on international terrorism, narco-terror, illegal trafficking of technology, arms trafficking, organized terrorism.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)– United States:

The Central Intelligence Agency is the world's largest and most powerful intelligence agency, better known as the CIA. A civilian intelligence agency under the United States federal government. It is an independent agency tasked with ensuring the national security of the United States and providing intelligence to senior policymakers. CIA was established on 18 September 1947. The agency was originally born out of the aftermath of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in World War II. The CIA is a civilian intelligence agency under the United States central government. This agency is accountable to the President of the United States. Its headquarters are in Langley, Virginia, USA.

Interestingly, even in this technology-driven age, the CIA relies on its vast network of human sources to minimize the likelihood of information leaks. Despite maintaining so much secrecy, the 9/11 disaster could not be prevented, which has left a terrible chapter in history.

The CIA was created by the National Security Act of 1947, which states, " It is not a police or law enforcement agency, whether operating at home or abroad." Prior to December 2004, the CIA was the main US intelligence agency; It looked after not only its own activities but also the activities of other intelligence agencies.

But that changed with the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, 2004 passed in 2004. Apart from the reputation, the reputation of the organization is not less. In the name of counter-terrorism, sometimes strange experiments on human subjects, torture, murder, etc., cannot be avoided against it at all. It also played a role in overthrowing the government of many countries.

The CIA's primary function is to collect information about foreign governments, organizations, and individuals, and to provide and advise national policymakers.

DGSE-France's Foreign Intelligence Agency:

DGSE is the foreign intelligence agency of France. Established on 2 April 1982. DGSE operates under the direction of the French Ministry of Defence.

DGSE works together with another organization called DGSI in political influence and counterintelligence operations in various countries. Its main function is to gather intelligence from various sources outside the country and provide it to the military and policy makers.

More than five thousand officers work in DGSE. Its headquarters are in Paris.

Federal Security Service (FSB) – Russia:

Born on April 3, 1995. The real name of the organization is so lame that it makes the throat go dry. The original name is  Federalnaya Sulzhba Bezhpasnosti Rashiskoi Federatsi. In short it is known as FSB. However, with such a young age, the impact and severity of the FSB's effectiveness cannot be estimated at all. Estimates must be made keeping in mind its predecessor organization.

Rumor has it that Russia's golden days in terms of military power are no more. However, the impact and severity of the FSB's functioning must be assessed in light of its predecessor. Russia's proverbial secret agency at the time was the KGB, and before that it was called the Cheka. The headquarters of the FSB is in Lubyanka Square in Moscow, Russia.The number of FSB personnel is in the millions.

The organization is accountable to the President of the Russian Federation. It is not wrong to consider this organization of Russia as a military force. The two special forces of the FSB are 'Alpha Group' and 'Wimpel'. They are particularly famous for suppressing extremism mainly through guerilla attacks.

The agency supporting the FSB is called GRU. FSB has total 10 divisions. Anna Chapman is a famous FSB agent. There are FSB agents scattered around the world who regularly provide classified information to the FSB. The total number of FSB officers and the amount of budget allocated to them is kept secret as a matter of their own strategy.

ISI- Pakistan:

ISI is the most controversial intelligence agency in the world. Controversially, this intelligence agency is the first in the world. 'Government within a government' The most popular and most powerful organization on Pakistani soil is the ISI.

The ISI was formed in mid-1948 under the advice and supervision of Major General Robert Chautham, an Australian-born British Army officer serving in the Pakistan Army and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Pakistan Army.

Initially, its work was to check and coordinate the information received by the three forces, but since 1950, it has been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the security, interests and integrity of the state of Pakistan.

The organization has a potential membership of over 25,000 at home and abroad and includes many informants. The main function of this organization is to protect the national interest and integrity of Pakistan.


MSS is China's intelligence agency Gaojia Angken Bu or Ministry of State Security. It is known as MSS all over the world.

Much of the Chinese MSS is unknown to the general public. And its staff is believed to be the largest among all intelligence agencies in the world.

According to a 2005 report, there are 1,000 MSS informants in Australia alone. MSS is headquartered in Beijing, the capital of China. It is accountable to the State Council of China. 

There are many reputed agents of MSS. These include Larry Wu Taichin, Katrina Leung, Peter Lee, Chee Mak, Ko Suen Moe. In 1996, an engineer of the Boeing Company named Dong Fang Chu was caught on charges of smuggling many military technologies including F-15, B-52. MSS considers other intelligence agencies of the world as their rivals.

Mossad - Israel:

The word 'Mossad' means 'Institute' in Hebrew. The official name of this foreign intelligence agency is Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. It's hard to find an agency as smart as the Mossad if you think about it only in terms of gathering information. The mysterious and sensational stories surrounding 'Mossad' are incomparable. Mossad has some fancy operations that defy story books or movies. Very little is known about 'Mossad'. Confidentiality is also maintained regarding the number of employees or their identity. However, it is expected to reduce the number of employees to 1,200. Its headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel. This special elite force of the Israeli government has the ability to carry out operations in any situation anywhere in the world.

This group is also known as WORLD'S MOST EFFICIENT KILLING MACHINE. They report to the Prime Minister of Israel himself. However, Mossad also provides assistance to secret agencies of other countries. It is said that Mossad's special forces, called 'Kidon', are the most ruthless and murderous unit in the world. The Bengali meaning of the Hebrew word 'Kidon' is 'Aga of Bayonet'.

Kidon is said to have spent nearly 20 years tracking down the Palestinian attackers responsible for the killing of 11 Israelis at the Munich Olympics. The name of that operation was 'Wrath of God' which is still legendary in history. On December 13, 1949, 19 months after the establishment of Israel as a state, David Ben-Gurion, the country's first prime minister, established the Mossad. However, the predecessors of the Mossad are those Jews who, before the establishment of Israel, were engaged in collecting important information for the purpose of carrying out the struggle of the banned organization. Mossad's main rivals are the MSS, FSB, MISIRI, Hezbollah and Hamas.

It should be noted that there are two other intelligence agencies in Israel - the internal intelligence agency named 'Shin bet' and the military intelligence agency named 'Agaf Ha-Modi'in' - abbreviated as 'Aman'.

The famous operations of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad are the 1960 Eichmann Hunt in Argentina, the 1965 Hebarrat Chukars murder, the 1963-66 Operation Diamond, the 1972 Munich Olympics revenge killing, the 1990 Operation Gerald Bull Killing, the 1992 Atef Beiso murder, the 2010 Mohammed Al Mabhu massacre.

Research and Analysis Wing ('R&AW') – India:

Intelligence agencies can perform both international and domestic functions of the country. Once India's Intelligence Bureau or IB looked after the country's security both internationally and domestically. But after the China War of 1962 and the Pakistan War of 1965, the Indian government began to realize that the country desperately needed a separate agency for its international security.

Hence, in 1968 the Research and Analysis Wing or 'R' for short was formed. The Indian intelligence agency is answerable only to the Prime Minister. It is believed that the main reason for India's military progress is the activism of 'R'.

The role of 'RA' during the training of guerrillas in Bangladesh's liberation war was undeniable. Moreover, it is known that ``R'' was involved in many other important works such as eliminating differences among common people in Malaysia, fighting against Tamil extremists in Maldives and Sri Lanka, training various groups in the state of Myanmar. It is heard that during the Kargil war and the Mumbai attacks, 'R&AW' also had many such advance information in hand.

Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) – Britain:

Thanks to Hollywood hero James Bond, his agency SIS, aka MI6, became world famous. In 1909 William Melville, an officer of the Secret Service Bureau, founded the Secret Intelligence Service. It wasn't until 1994 that the MI6 name was officially recognized worldwide. Even the existence of the organization was not officially acknowledged.

It is the oldest among secret agencies. The CIA is basically built on its model. The company's headquarters are located in Vauxhall Cross, London. Historically, MI6 has waged a war of nerves with Russia since the Bolshevik Revolution. At present, it is perceived to be a little more watchful of the position of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is a specialized branch of British Military Intelligence. The official name of the organization is Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). It was formed in October 1909 as the Secret Service Bureau. At that time the Bureau was working in two sections namely Naval and Army Sections. The function of the Naval Department was to spy on other countries. On the other hand, the function of the Army Department was to combat internal terrorism. Later the Naval Division was named Mi Six and the Army Division was named Mi Five.

Mi Six has a long history of involvement in attacks and assassinations in rival countries. For this reason, the organization has taken the cooperation of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad, the CIA of the United States and sometimes cooperated. It is known that these three organizations have worked together on various issues.

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